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Sawyer Mini Filter

Sawyer Mini Filter

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At just 65grams, and fitting in the palm of your hand, this is simply the best there is for Weight, Size and Performance. Drink directly as a straw, attach to Sawyer Squeeze Pouches, use inline, or attach to standard threaded bottles. The MINI uses the same exclusive 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter used in our other filters. Although not quite as quick as the SP129 version, you will still be bowled over by the flowrate of this amazing little filter. The MINI comes with a 100,000 gallon (378,540 Litre) guarantee which is still the best rating there is ANYWHERE, and will last for anybody's lifetime.

Simply fill up the pouch at a lake, stream or river, screw the filter directly onto the pouch and

Squeeze the bag and filter water into your water bottle or container of choice.

Drink directly from the filter which has a built in cap for on/off functions.

Attach the filter onto most threaded water bottles including 2 litre bottles.

Water to difficult to collect? Simply fit the straw and drink straight from the source.

Damaged or lost your pouch? Get hold of a standard threaded plastic bottle locally and use that instead.

Kit includes:

1/2 Litre Lightweight Durable Collapsible Pouch. (SP116)

Sawyer 0.10 Absolute Micron Hollow Fiber Membrane Screw On/Off Water Filter.

Cleaning Plunger.

Drinking straw.

Life Expectancy: 100,000 gallon (378,540 Litres) Guaranteed


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